Baile fin de curso*

In the steamy, sweaty and overheated gym hundreds of us are packed, gasping for air, awaiting with our cameras aimed not to miss a glimpse of the apples of our eyes about to enter ‘the stage’… The brutal cacophony of Pop Latino amplified far past the point of distortion assailed our eardrums, but we endure… […]


Communion   It is THE event children look forward to most. The biggest party of them all. Dressed like a little captain, or a miniature bride, being spoiled to bits, more presents then you have ever dreamt of, only for you! But… hell and damnation… your parents don’t believe in any God. Wait… then a […]


Quite some time ago, months? i witnessed a Mantis putting an egg together on one of the wooden chairs, outside, on my porch.  Spongy fluid came out of her backside, and formed an egg. I was sooo fascinated by the beauty of it that i protected the egg with determination; the rest of the family […]