Baile fin de curso*

By Jet Bootsma, 12 June, 2018

In the steamy, sweaty and overheated gym hundreds of us are packed, gasping for air, awaiting with our cameras aimed not to miss a glimpse of the apples of our eyes about to enter ‘the stage’… The brutal cacophony of Pop Latino amplified far past the point of distortion assailed our eardrums, but we endure… Yes, YES! There they are!

Our lenses, focusing, all find their target; Green shirts, red shirts, blue, and there is yellow !!! A blonde in yellow !! In utmost concentration (tip of the tongue out of the mouth) I follow my blond, my pride! My joy! She does so well!
Look at her!
Until a different blonde pride and joy in yellow runs by, and waves.
Waves… at me?
If even possible I start sweating harder…

Embarrassed my lens changes target, following the ríght blonde in yellow.
(doesn’t a proper mum recognize her own at least from miles away?)

Beside me Becky chuckles. ‘Listen to this, she giggles to me,’ I’ve been filming Anna until I realized she had the wrong shoes’
Together we grin the rest of the baile from ear to ear. Even the noise can not hurt us anymore.


* Every school year we celebrate the arrival of the endless Spanish summer holiday with a fiesta. Each class does a dance (baile) and the party concludes with a joint exercise of all classes of the entire school. It needs no explanation that everyone is tremendously looking forward to this event.