Story telling and illustrating. Put them together and you’ve got comics. 

The Fridge

In summer, every summer, the heat in the south of Spain is intolerable. While the sun scorches the earth, people like me hide indoors, desperate for a fresh breeze.

Who gets spoiled?, unpublished


Miss Mouse Mo

Muis Mies / Miss Mouse Mo, 1996 Plaatsmaken Publishers, Arnhem

Miss Mouse Mo (Muis Mies in Dutch) is a short story I wrote and carved out of linoleum.  It was published by a publisher of artbooks in Holland, Plaatsmaken in Arnhem. They only publish limited editions. I printed 50 books by hand.  The English translation was made by Jonathan Ward.

5 out of 10 pages of Little Mouse Mo and the Horrible Hunger, edition of 50 copies, handprinted linocuts. Published by Plaatsmaken publishers, Arnhem, Netherlands

(‘Mouse Mo’, in Dutch ‘Muis Mies’ was actually written out of spite; The former girlfriend of someone i kind of fancied annoyed me greatly. Her name was Mies. I don’t really think she was the reason ‘love’ never occurred, but it is a lot more pleasing to blame someone else then to accept it might have been because he really did not like me that much. So there you are.)


Salmonella is an idea for a puppet series on television. It is about a chicken with one great wish; Do what no-one has done before her, fly away. Fly away from egglaying, away from the ongoing cackling, away from the insufferable cock.

Salmonella, concept study, pictures by Ron Steemers fotografie. 

It was written together with Matt Vermeulen, who also made the amazing model of Salmonella with the real tiny aviator helmet.


Viveke is tough, sturdy and fun. Animal lover and fighter against injustice. She is only 6 so she is not always realistic, and things do not always (hardly ever) go smooth and flawless.

Viveke, unpublished