Even though i do have a certain signature,  my passion for mixing techniques and being challenged by materials make that the look of my illustrations differ.

Cut out drawings in 3d decors, drawing with mud, fish prints, photographs of unrecognizable details, all altered or put together in photoshop. Opposite to that is my work in linoleum, an unmercifull and challenging material.

Czar Peter

Diorama style illustrations for a booklet Noem mij maar Pieter (Just call me Peter) about Tsar Peter the Great, published by Moon Publishers/Hermitage Amsterdam.

Detail from a diorama style illustration for a booklet. Moon Publishers/Hermitage Amsterdam. Mixed media.

Zoo, wat een dieren

Illustrations for a children’s book by Ymkje Swart. An adaptation was later published as a guide for children to the Antwerp Zoo. 

Illustrations for a children’s book, Pimento Publishers. Mixed media, collage.


These illustrations stress the need for consumers to demand clean energy from their power companies.

Illustrations for a leaflet, Greenpeace. Water colour, India ink.

The Online Coach

I was inspired by Shiva, the goddess with many arms, to illustrate the balancing act between activities and lack of time.

Illustration for The Online Coach. India ink.